Gingrich Calls for Conservative Coalescence

Tells Charleston supporters Friday night, "Talk to your neighbors."

Newt Gingrich called for conservatives to unify behind his candidacy, asking supporters, "Talk to your neighbors."

The former House Speaker spoke to a large crowd of supporters in a hangar of the USS Yorktown on Friday night, the eve before GOP Primary voters head to the polls in South Carolina.

Gingrich in the final leg of the S.C. Primary. "The poll doesn't count if the voters don't show up," Gingrich warned.

He also suggested that his success would be secured if conservative voters united behind his campaign.  

Sharing the stage with Gingrich was S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell (R-Charleston), a former supporter of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Harrell told the crowd that Gingrich convinced him, in part, due to strong debate performances.

"The man is a figher," Harrell said. "He doesn't back down and that's what we need in Washington."

For Gingrich's remarks, he made few references to President Barack Obama and conservative reform in Washington. insted, he focused on faith, freedom and military service – themes that will certainly play well on Saturday.

"I want to talk about something more than politics, I want to talk about this ship," Gingrich said, looking around the hangar of the Yorktown.

He noted the medal of honor receipients sharing the stage, including Bob Livingston, and the importance of our troops, also mentioning the six Marines killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan earlier Friday. 

"If we're not the home of the brave, we're not going to be the land of the free," Gingrich said.

ItsaMre2Me January 21, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Not only is this political hack a crook and a thief, he's a very good "speaker" and a liar to boot! You people in South Carolina go ahead and cast your vote for this meathead, but remember, you will have to live with the consequences! Unfortunately, the rest of us will too! Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who has no skeletons in his closet that Obama could and will challenge from the other 3 stooges!


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